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Counter Sylas

Counter Sylas

In this guide we will explain step by step how to make counter champion Sylas, the champion who stands out for his ability to copy the ulti of the other champions. There are several efficient ways to fight this champion, in this content we will explain you.

Champions counter Sylas

Weak Against

Counter Sett Counter Karthus
Counter Lee Sin Counter Pantheon
Counter Katarina Counter Cassiopeia
Strong Against

Counter Syndra Counter Malphite
Counter Renekton Counter Talon
Counter Fizz Counter Zed

General tips for facing Sylas


If you use the Lux correctly Sylas will have no way to touch it or steal the ulti, as Lux can stay very far from his enemy and pockearlo constantly.

We recommend using basic attacks to farmear and cool the line in the middle and only use your skills to pockear Sylas the moment you approach farmear.


Orianna as the previous one has very easy to do the counter Sylas, because she has a good distance and has a very good defense, with her ball, keep the ball close to the minions, while the last hit keeps tracks to Sylas and makes it considerably difficult to farmear.


Jayce can be a good counter against Sylas, because besides being a long distance champion, he has good movement speed to easily avoid Sylas’ ulti, besides that you can from time to time pockearlo with Jayce’s Q.


With additional Taliyah you can keep your distance with him and pockearlo constantly, you can also keep him away with the stones.

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