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Counter Syndra

Counter Syndra

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Syndra. This League of Legends champion is very good, since his skills are of good level and a lot of magic damage. The special thing about Syndra is that she is passive, since she gives you an improvement in your skills when you are at your last level of each one. But here I’ll be showing you how to end Syndra.

Champions counter Syndra

Weak Against

Counter Talon Counter Aatrox
Counter Jarvan IV Counter Zilean
Counter Camille Counter Kayle
Strong Against

Counter Heimerdinger Counter Taliyah
Counter Swain Counter Annie
Counter Lissandra Counter Viktor

Tips to face Syndra

The following champions are the most recommended against Syndra.

Master Yi

This champion and his great damage can end Syndra very easily if you use your Q ability at the right time. When Syndra consults Yi this will try to push him, but Yi can use a quick Q to avoid this skill and keep hitting. I recommend that if you use Master Yi you never enter the first ever basic Q and Q to dodge. Also the skill W Yi can help withstand Syndra’s ultimate.


Syndra won’t be able to stand up to Kayle, because if she does, it’s not a good idea. As we know, Kayle’s supreme ability can be put on an ally or herself to avoid Syndra’s R. I suggest you use this ability quickly, as long as Syndra does his Q-E combo.


The champions of high damage skills, what bothers you the most is facing champions of immunity and healing. This champion I recommend against Syndra, since he has very good skills. As we know, Vladimir’s passive every 40 points of life gives 1.4 additional points of life. Also Vladimir’s W ability can help him avoid Syndra’s R.


despite its great damage to the distance of their respective skills, as their Q also has the mobility that helps in a confrontation against Syndra. If Syndra tries to glue Q-E, Ezreal is forced to use his E to avoid this combo. I recommend having good CC support so that Ezreal can kill her without problems.


As we know that Morgana can catch her enemies, leaving them for a long time to stand still, she can also help an allied assassin who is not stopped for nothing. If Morgana’s team has a good damage killer, Morgana only throws his skill at him and that’s a shield that removes any CC attempt to possess him.

Items that counter Syndra

The following items are the most recommended against Syndra.

of Malmortius’ fauces

This item helps absorb 300 + 1 of magical damage when what you have is below 30% life. This item will make Syndra not want to throw his R, since it can absorb that great damage, leaving you with nothing.

Fajin de Mercurio

This item removes any weakness in what possesses it. If Syndra can keep its Q-E this object can get out of there and prevent it from sinking. I recommend using this item if it’s ADC or killer.


This object immunizes what you have when it is active, without allowing the release of anything else. This item has to be used quickly when Syndra your R throw, in order to avoid it and be able to disappear this damage.

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