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Counter Tahm Kench

Counter Tahm Kench

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Tamn Kench. This champion is one of the best, since he has a great passive that allows a lot of damage to each accumulation and skills that protect and in the street the enemies. But here I will give you some advice and recommended champions to put an end to Tamn Kench.

Champions counter Tamn Kench

Weak Against

Counter Vayne Counter Yorick
Counter Janna Counter Nami
Counter Ivern Counter Lulu
Strong Against

Counter Thresh Counter Riven
Counter Zed Counter Kled
Counter Illaoi Counter Blitzcrank

Tips to face Tamn Kench

The following champions are the most recommended, to be able to face Tamn Kench without problems.


In case Tamn Kench swallows his ally and tries to run out with him, the Nautilus can launch his ultimate and catch him with his Q, to prevent him from escaping. Also the skill And the Nautilus is a big area that are waves that neutralize the enemies, this can cause Tamn Kench’s ally that was swallowed to be affected by this skill.


This champion can make Tamn Kench look very bad on the start, as his W ability does not allow him to escape or arrive at his ultimate. Yorick’s W ability allows him to close a small area of the area, making it impossible for enemies to get out. If Tamn Kench swallows an ally and wants to run out, Yorick can lock it and prevent it from escaping. Also if Tamn Kench arrives with his ultimate, Yorick can play him where Tamn Kench will appear.


Morgana’s E ability allows a shield to absorb any weakness thrown at her. If Tamn Kench tries to stun or swallow a champion, Morgana will only put her shield on him to avoid him. Morgana’s Q and R ability can also help stop Tamn Kench when he wants to escape.


This is the ADC champion I most recommend against Tamn Kench, as she has rolling in her Q ability. Vayne also has a great passive that increases by 30 points your movement speed when you try to hit an enemy. If Tamn Kench tries to run out with an ally swallowed, Vayne can easily reach him thanks to this passive.


This is the champion who can give you good protection for your allies when they face Tamn Kench. Janna’s Q skill allows her to create a tornado that lifts enemies when they are touched by this skill. This skill can help stop Tamn Kench when he tries to approach to swallow an ally of Janna. Also Janna’s ultimate skill can take Tamn Kench and her ally closer with his ultimate.

Items that counter Tamn Kench

The following items have to be used against Tamn Kench, to maintain a better confrontation.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object removes any weakness it has when it is activated. If Tamn Kench stuns the champion who has this item, you can easily leave with just pressing it once after being foolish.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

This item allows enemies touched by a skill to be neutralized. If Tamn Kench wants to run out with an ally he has swallowed, this item can slow down that movement and make it easier to capture.


This object immunizes the champion from harm it has when it is activated. Tamn Kench’s passive and other abilities, such as her Q or W, can be quite annoying in a match. But when this item is activated, Tamn Kench’s passive can be reduced and avoid the ability Q when it is activated.

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