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Counter Taliyah

Counter Taliyah

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Taliyah. This champion’s skills are very good as it can help her to face her enemies quite easily. Her passive champion is very helpful for her as she can hit an enemy or escape. Taliyah’s passive can increase the speed of movement when she is near the walls. But here I’ll give you some advice and if you consider some champions to finish her off.

Champions counter Taliyah

Weak Against

Counter Syndra Counter Diana
Counter Zed Counter Fizz
Counter Talon Counter Gangplank
Strong Against

Counter Jhin Counter Twisted Fate
Counter Karthus Counter Lucian
Counter Kalista Counter Miss Fortune

Tips to face Taliyah

The following champions are the most recommended to have a good match against Taliyah.


Diana’s skill E allows her to attract all her opponents artifacts of similar use, this skill can retain Taliyah, so she can’t ride on her ultimate. Diana’s ultimate skill can also cross the ultimate Taliyah.


Camille’s W skill can help avoid Taliyah’s W skill, as Taliyah’s W skill can pick up and play for a part of his enemies. Also Camille’s supreme skill can avoid Taliyah’s supreme skill if she tries to escape.


This champion is the one most recommended to face Taliyah quite easily and take advantage. Syndra’s skills are very good as they have good range and great magical damage power. Syndra’s skill E can prevent Taliyah from escaping or stun Taliyah when he reaches his ultimate skill.


A gank the line Ezreal is on will not be as successful, as Ezreal can escape the walls of Taliyah’s supreme ability with his E ability. Ezreal’s E ability can jump from one place to another, like a flash.


This champion can help stop Taliyah, as her skills have plenty of CC and can reach an enemy from a short distance. The ability Q or R Leoa can prevent Taliyah from escaping or reaching his supreme ability by attacking without mercy. I recommend the Lioness to have Taliyah and take her out of battle for a while.

Items that counter Taliyah

The following objects are the most recommended to be able to maintain a confrontation against Taliyah.


This object immunizes the champion you have when it is activated. Taliyah’s abilities can cause death or cause a lot of damage, but thanks to this object you can avoid Taliyah’s abilities with just activating it.

of Malmortius’ fauces

This object is the most recommended against champions if they face magicians. This item gives a resistance shield that absorbs 300+1 of magical damage, when the champion who owns it is below -30% of his life.

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