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Counter Talon

Counter Talon

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Talon. This League of Legends champion is very good, since his mission in the game is to delete the enemy ADC, to remove from the middle of this great damage and secure the position. But calm down, if Talon gets you in the game, here I will give you some advice and if you consider that some champions so that you can face him without many problems.

Champions counter Talon

Weak Against

Counter Karma Counter Bardo
Counter Lulu Counter Sivir
Counter Nami Counter Morgana
Strong Against

Counter Ashe Counter Zed
Counter Blitzcrank Counter Katarina
Counter Ezreal Counter Kalista

Tips for doing the counter-a Talon

The following champions are the most recommended to face the Talon.


This champion, although he is very good in the area where the Talon has the most advantage, also has a skill that can detect the Talon when both activate their ultimate. The Talon is very good in the jungle, as his skill E allows him to cross walls, but against Rengar it is not made easy to fight in this area. The R of Rengar helps a lot to detect the Talon when it is also in R, which is a big advantage for Rengar against the Talon.


This champion can face the Talon very easily and without complaining, as he is a tank and possesses good skills that can annoy the Talon. Malphite can take the Talon from any escape he tries to make or any attempt to assassinate an ally of Malphite. The R for the champion can be thrown where the Talon is to neutralise him and prevent him from doing harm.


Talon has no escape against Diana as this champion has great magic damage and excellent skills against Talon. Diana’s skill E can avoid the Talon’s skill E if it’s released at the right time. Also Diana has a great ultimate that can cut anything allowing her to reach her goal that is within reach of this skill.


This is the most recommended ADC against the Talon. Lucian has very good skills that can be used against the Talon to survive it. The champion has a great ability that detects the invisible champions with a star that is his W. W of Lucian can detect the Talon when it throws its ultimate, so move to a safe area and throw its raffles of bullets to the address where this Talon.


This champion is the one I recommend to support to protect theirs. Leona has a great CC in her Q and R, giving her a big advantage against the Talon. Leona cannot take off her ADC ally or any other paper ally as the Talon can delete. It is very necessary to use Leoa, since she can give a good peel to his team and help to kill the champion.

Items that counter Talon

The following items have to be used against Talon.


This object immunizes and prevents the one who has it from throwing anything while this item is activated. When Talon tries to attack your ultimate, this item prevents it from doing much damage when this item is activated on time.

Night Ridge

When this item is channeled, it provides a shield that prevents the first skill that touches what it has. This item helps a lot what the Talon combo is, since it tries to attack with everything to assassinate a champion as if nothing. This item is recommended for AD champions, as it is armed with damage items.

Veil of the Death Fairy

This item grants a shield to the champion who possesses it, in order to be able to withstand the first skill that is thrown. As well as the Night Ridge of this object helps a lot what is the Talon combo. It is recommended for AP champions, since it is armed by magic damage items.

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