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Counter Taric

Counter Taric

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Taric. This champion is an excellent support, since he has very good skills and is a tank. Taric and his ultimate skill, can help dive, start an attack or save an ally from death. Also, the passive of this champion, can help to harm a lot his enemies, since each skill that throws power his 2 following basic attacks. But here I’ll show you how to counter her Taric.

Champions counter Taric

Weak Against

Counter Karma Counter Bardo
Counter Lulu Counter Sivir
Counter Nami Counter Morgana
Strong Against

Counter Ashe Counter Zed
Counter Blitzcrank Counter Katarina
Counter Ezreal Counter Kalista

Tips to face Taric

The following champions are the most recommended, so you can face it without too many problems.


Taric’s passive, Aatrox contradicts Taric’s ultimate, since Aatrox can be reborn again when his bloody passive is full. Also the ability Q Aatrox, can help you get away from enemies when Taric launches his ultimate.


This champion is very good against Taric as Teemo can avoid basic attacks and pocketed Taric because Teemo doesn’t have the scale and Taric is the body to body. The Theemo’s Q ability can blind enemies, so they can’t give basic attacks.


This champion has very good skills against Taric, as she can neutralize or dissipate any neutralization. The ultimate harry potter can help stop Taric’s enemies when they attack with his ultimate. Also the skill E of Morgana, you can send the stun of the skill E of Taric and also help her to withstand the magic damage.


Sivir’s supreme skill can help her team get out of a fight when Taric starts with his ultimate. Also Sivir’s E skill can avoid the DC of Taric’s E skill.


This is the support I most recommend against Taric, since it can cure your allies and catch your enemies. Nami’s Q ability, can catch the enemy with full damage, to prevent him from approaching with Taric’s supreme ability. Also Nami’s supreme skill, can avoid an attack with his ultimate.

Items that counter Taric

The following items, which should be used against Taric, to maintain a good match.

Call of the Executioner

This object can give you serious injury to enemies who are damaged by possessing it. Taric’s Q ability and W ability, can heal an ally, and him at a time. If they are beaten having this object the healing is reduced to a -50%.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object out of any weakness you find what you have when you activate. The E of Taric ability, is a ray of light that can stun your hit enemies, but having this object saldras from there very easy.


This object can immunize the champion it possesses, when it is activated instantly. This object can be launched when Taric launches his ultimate to attack, so they can avoid a big attack if you can’t escape. It can also serve to deflect the skill E of Taric.

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