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Counter Thresh

Counter Thresh

This guide will show you how to do it against Thresh. This is a champion who if they are too careless against him they can lose very easy, since Thresh attracts them to his allies so that asesinen can take advantage. Thresh is a very good support, since he has many good skills, to help him win a match quickly.

Champions counter Thresh

Weak Against

Counter Tahm Kench Counter Lulu
Counter Karma Counter Morgana
Counter Zyra Counter Alistar
Strong Against

Counter Draven Counter Bardo
Counter Jinx Counter Katarina
Counter Caitlyn Counter Dr. Mundo

Tips to face Thresh

The following champions are the most recommended, as they have very good skills against Thresh.


Amumu, although it’s tank and has very good skills can help to fight Thresh. Amumu and his Q and R can prevent the W lamp of Thresh, since the CC that contain these abilities of Amumu won’t let the ally of Thresh touch the lamp.


If Thresh gets Singed it won’t be as good as, say, since Singed pollutes the air and the champions behind it, as when Thresh throws his Q behind it will cause him a lot of damage. Also, Singed’s E ability can remove the distance of Thresh’s ally lamp.


This champion has 2 good skills which are very good against Thresh who is her E o R. Ahri can catch Thresh when he glues his Q from an ally of hers to make Thresh not bid if E. Ahri’s R helps a lot to avoid Thresh’s Q, as this ability gives him fast moves.


This champion, moreover, who has a great pokeo, can also be saved from Thresh’s claws. Sivir has a good ability which is hers and which when activated in time can avoid Thresh’s Q by saving her from an ally or herself from that ability.


this champion would like to be pulled by Thresh, since he can bring the enemy ADC closer and get him. Registration has to go support, since you can also give a good collection of your allies from Thresh. If Thresh is still a Ready ally, he just uses his Q and blows Thresh away. You can also take Thresh’s allies away from your lamp.

Thresh counter items

The following items have to be used against Thresh.

Veil of the Death Fairy

This item avoids the first skill that touches what you have. Thanks to this Thresh object you cannot take what you have, as this item provides a shield that will shock when the first Thresh ability that can be a Q will not be caught.

Night Ridge

This object provides an immunity shield from a first attack on what you have when you are channelled. This object has to be used before fighting Thresh, as it lasts 3 sec to channel the shield to be able to avoid Thresh Q or any ability.

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