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Counter Twisted Fate

Counter Twisted Fate

In the guide is if I will be showing how to do the counter-a Twisted Fate. This is a very tiring champion, since with his cards, he can choose anyone and attack. Yellow is a card that leaves you stunned at the goal to which it was thrown. The red allows a powerful damage in area and the blue will regenerate a little mana. Also, this champion can help any ally that is anywhere on the map. But here I will show you how to win the christ recommend some champions and tips to be able to face him.

Champions counter Twisted Fate

Weak Against

Counter Diana Counter Fizz
Counter Swain Counter Cassiopeia
Counter Azir Counter Khazix
Strong Against

Counter Twitch Counter Vayne
Counter Karthus Counter Aurelion Sol
Counter Aatrox Counter Ryze

Tips to face Twisted Fate

The following champions are the most recommended to face him.


With Q de Lux, you can cancel the ulti of Twisted Fate and step, if you have enough damage, you can with and R disappear it in seconds. Also, with Lux you can keep enough distance to prevent Twisted Fate from clinging to your cards.


Fizz’s supreme skill can be released where Twisted Fate will appear. Also, the E skill of Fizz can prevent any cards you want to play Twisted Fate.


Amumu’s Q ability or his definitive ability can cancel the ultimate Twisted Fate when he can see it. Also if Twisted Fate throws R to an area that Amumu is close to, he can take it.


This champion can take any card that throws Twisted Fate at him, thanks to his passive. Pantheon’s passive allows him to resist any basic attack and is activated every 4 strokes. The W skill of Twisted Fate allows you to choose between 3 cards, but if Pantheon has his passive this skill cannot beat Pantheon for his shield, as this attack will be as basic.


Lucian’s supreme skill can be released to the place where Twisted Fate will fall with his ultimate, to cause a lot of damage when it appears.


This support champion can help stop Twisted Fate, to prevent him from leaving with his own. Leoa’s ultimate skill can be released to the ultimate of Twisted Fate when he shows up, to leave him stranded and unable to do anything. Twisted Fate is weak against the CC champions, since he can’t dodge many things that throw him.

Items that counter Twisted Fate

Fajin de Mercurio

This object can remove any CC you have been given when it is activated. The W ability of Twisted Fate, but on the yellow card can leave you stunned by the object that was thrown at you, but thanks to this item it was nothing. This object is recommended for ADC or assassins.

of Malmortius’ fauces

This object allows a shield that carries 300+1 of magical damage, when the champion it possesses reaches -30% of life. Twisted Fate has a lot of magical damage, this item can help you to avoid a lot of damage that gives you this champion.


This object allows the champion it possesses to be immune to everything when it is activated. When Twisted Fate throws its supreme skill and it will appear on the dot mark, it will always come with a card in its hand to become more damage with the red one or catch it with the yellow one.

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