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Counter Twitch

Counter Twitch

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Twitch. This League of Legends champion is very good, since he can appear behind the enemies and asesinandolos with his ultimate. Twitch requires negligence and a good attack zone, since if you get arrested you can’t do anything.

Champions counter Twitch

Weak Against

Counter Lee Sin Counter Caitlyn
Counter Twisted Fate Counter Dr. Mundo
Counter Xayah Counter Rengar
Strong Against

Counter Vayne Counter Ezreal
Counter Sivir Counter Urgot
Counter Renekton Counter Ashe

Tips to play against Twitch

The following champions are the most recommended against Twitch, as they have very good skills against him.

This is the jungle champion I recommend the most against Twitch. Lee can’t annoy the Twitch jungle, since it doesn’t have much damage at a low level. Twitch will have no advantage against Lee Sin, since Lee’s skills do not make him against Twitch. Q e and Lee Can’t see Twitch while it’s invisible, you can also take Twitch with your R Twitch throw your ultimate.


This champion makes him a great counter to Twitch, since he has a great ability, which can prevent the damage of the ultimate this. The skill that helps a lot to avoid the ultimate of Twitch is his W. Shen’s W skill can help to avoid attacks that may receive Shen or his allies when they are around.

Twisted Fate

Nothing is invisible against the champion, as his supreme skill allows him and his team to see all the enemies. If Twisted Fate goes very well in the match, it may be that they will kill Twitch without any problems. It also helps his allies of great damage know where Twitch is and thus fall to him to assassinate him.


This champion can avoid all the damage of Twitch, when he tries to do damage with his R. The ultimate of Xayah allows him to be in an immune moment in the air while activating this skill. If Twitch throws her R this champion can throw to her to avoid this damage and so catch Twitch with his feathers to kill him.


This champion can annoy Twitch in everything, since his passivity and his skills do not allow him to do anything. As we know Twitch is a champion who does not use mobility and if he is touched by Braum’s passive he can go ugly. The skill E and R Braum can stop Twitch’s ultimate very easy. And Braum is a shield that blocks every attack that comes from this area and R throws the enemies through the air.

Items that counter Twitch

The following items have to be used against Twitch to get a better match.

Corazon Ice

This item allows enemies to have 5% basic attacks when they hit the one who has it. Also, which helps a lot the attack speed of the ultimate Twitch, it also gives you armor resistance that you have.

Ice Queen Proclamation

This object will detect its enemies when it is launched. Twitch as always wants to appear from behind, but this item will cause it to retreat. If the team has no allies that can detect the enemies, this item is necessary against Twitch.


This item makes what has this immune at a time when it is turned on. If Twitch releases his ultimate, this item allows him to release this ability, without hurting. Also if Twitch tries to abandon his line and launches R it may be that you do not hit even a basic one.

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