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Counter Udyr

Counter Udyr

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Udyr. This is a very good champion, since he has combinations that help him to win any hand-to-hand combat. Each combination of this one increases your movement speed, which helps you to reach your enemies or goals more easily. But here I’ll give you some advice and if you consider some champions to put an end to it.

Champions counter Udyr

Weak Against

Counter Olaf Counter Ashe
Counter Jayce Counter Vayne
Counter Elise Counter Trundle
Strong Against

Counter Lee Sin Counter Shaco
Counter Master Yi Counter Gangplank
Counter Irelia Counter Galio

Tips to play against Udyr

The following champions are the most recommended to face Udyr.


At Olaf’s Q, they slow down the movement of enemies when they are hit. This ability can help Udyr not escape, or hit the Olaf. Olaf’s ultimate also makes it a great skill game W of Udyr, as when Udyr turns into a turtle his first attack stuns the enemy.


It can increase your speed of movement in an area with its W ability and increase your healing. Also the Q or E of Trundle can decrease the movement speed of enemies when you apply them. Ultimate He can help you in a confrontation, as you can heal yourself and have the magical armor and resistance of the enemy to what has been implanted this skill.


Kayle o’s passive, takes away his armor and magical resistance with each attack, this passive can accumulate 5 times each attack removes -3% armor and resistance. Kayle’s Q ability can also slow down the speed of movement giving it a key point to make the Udyr counter-a and his passive.


It is passive, which can slow down enemies with each attack and will be much bigger when it is a critical attack. Also Ashe’s W ability can shoot arrows to slow down speed. The ultimate of this champion is also a nuisance for Udyr, since if he is neutralized passing very badly.


The support I most recommend against Udyr is Janna. This champion can increase the speed of movement of her allies by 8%. She can also neutralize enemy champions with her W, since when she plays, you can decrease the speed of the enemy and increase it even more. The Q and R of Janna can help your allied team to get out of Udyr’s clutches, since Udyr doesn’t only use speed rolling, it will be harder to reach your enemies more easily.

Items that counter Udyr

The following items have to be used for a better fight against Udyr.

Rylai Crystal Scepter

This object slows down the speed of movement of targets touched by some skill that throws what it has. Udyr’s passive increases the speed of movement, of each species, but this item helps him to get closer with ease.

Heart of Ice

This item decreases the attack speed of the enemies who hit what it has by 5%. A hand-to-hand combat against Udyr would be a good item for him, as his passive can also increase the speed of his attack or his Q ability.

Sword of Rey Ruined

This object can steal at 25% of the speed of the enemy’s movement, whatever is thrown at it. I recommend it to ADC or assassins, since they are in trouble with Udyr they can escape thanks to this item.

Fajin de Mercurio

This item can remove any CC when it is activated. Udyr’s W skill gives you a stun with your first basic attack. It is highly recommended, since Udyr can do a lot of damage when stunning an enemy, much more if it is paper.

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