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Counter Urgot

Counter Urgot

In this guide I’ll be showing you how to counter her Urgot. This champion, he’s turned into one big killing machine. League of Legends has changed his ultimate to Urgot, as he can mercilessly crush whatever is hit.

This champion is changed to a 1vs1 fight, since he is TOP he can win the line very easily and almost without help. But as all League of Legends champions have their counter, here to show you which ones are from Urgot.

Champions counter Urgot

Weak Against

Counter Jax Counter Sivir
Counter Twitch Counter Bardo
Counter Nami Counter Shen
Strong Against

Counter Zed Counter Quinn
Counter Nasus Counter Dr. Mundo
Counter Graves Counter Ashe

Tips to face Urgot

The following champions are the most recommended to face Urgot.


This champion can face Urgot without much trouble, since he has a skill that helps a lot. The skill E that He can avoid the damage of the passive of Urgot, since this passive causes a lot of damage. He can also increase his trap with his ultimate to take more damage to Urgot.


This champion can deflect the ultimate from Urgot or prevent an ally from being crushed if Shen sticks his ultimate in time. Also Shen’s W ability provides a safe area that prevents basic attacks that receive allies or Shen himself. I recommend Shen against Urgot, as it can help everyone against him.


This champ can help the E.R. not get close and murder him to a distant area. Q de Lux can take the Urgot so he can’t move and finish him off is too easy. The Urgot doesn’t like to get stuck or be neutralized as it’s too slow and that prevents him from passive. Excellent!!


If you don’t know what ADC to use against Urgot, I recommend Sivir. This champion has a great shield that, if you have good reflexes, can deflect the ultimate from him. Sivir’s skill E gives her a shield, which when she’s hit by a skill makes it hard. If you find yourself in an Urgot and these worn out remember to activate this skill at that time of your ultimate.


This champion is the most recommended support against Urgot, as she can give a good peel to her eastern allies. Nami can stop the Urgot with his Q or R to neutralize him and thus kill him on the computer. He can also heal his allies with his W ability, so that Urgot doesn’t crush his allies when they reach the hundredth of life.

Items that counter Urgot

The following items have to be used against Urgot, to have a better confrontation.


This object immunizes what you have when it is activated. The ultimate of Urgot can be missed if you use this item at the precise moment. It is highly recommended, as you can bypass this ultimate skill and give it a new chance.

Mr. Dominik’s retreats

This item increases by +20% physical damage to champions who have more life than they have. Urgot is a champion of plenty of life, so I would recommend this item. You need to use it if you need to get the Urgot out of battle.

Sword of the Ruined King

This object provides life theft. Urgot and life stealing items are not taken in hand, as the ultimate in Urgot cannot get the R out in time. It is recommended to use life theft on departure against Urgot for your ultimate.

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