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Counter Varus

Counter Varus

This guide will show you how to do it against Varus. This League of Legends champion is very good as he has powerful skills and CC. Also Varus’ skill E is very good to face the champions with life theft. But here I will show you how to counter Varus, showing him some champions and giving him some tips to face him.

Champions counter Varus

Weak Against

Counter Lucian Counter Leona
Counter Diana Counter Xayah
Counter Yasuo Counter Katarina
Strong Against

Counter Jhin Counter Draven
Counter Soraka Counter Azir
Counter Caitlyn Counter Ashe

Tips to face Varus

The following champions are the most recommended to face Varus.


This champion can take Varus without trouble and withstand the passive of his W ability. The passive Vi provides a shield every time she picks up a skill, giving her the advantage that Varus does no more damage with her W. Vi’s ultimate can pick up Varus when he approaches to attack the champions by picking up her R.


This champion I recommend, since she has skills with mobility, CC and a great damage. Riven is quite strong against champions of little vigor, since she can delete quite easily. Riven can deflect the skill Q or R Varus if she does it very well, with her skill E. I recommend playing aggressive with her.


If Varus tries to catch Yasuo with his R, he can avoid it with his skill W, equal to Q and Varus. If Varus catches Yasuo it will be the same, since Varus cannot attack him when he puts his wind.


Lucian’s E ability helps avoid the Q, E or R Varus abilities. Besides that you can dodge, in a given house Varus take Lucian this launches his ultimate, where is Varus to make him return.


This champion can give your team a good peel when it comes to an enemy Varus. The skill E of Lioness can catch Varus, being trapped in his ultimate. Also to do so, you can catch him with your ultimate from any attempt to attack his allies. I recommend support, since Varus has no displacement skills.

Items that counter Varus

The following items have to be used to face Varus.


This object immunizes the champion you have when it is activated. When Varus glues your ultimate, this item can be activated at the moment to escape or avoid damage from Varus. It is highly recommended, since Varus can spend this skill.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object is outside of any CC or neutralization of champions who have it. This object has to be used by ADC champions or assassins, as if Varus arrests them they may lose the match. It must be activated quickly than Varus collects its ultimate.

Heart of Ice

This object slows down the attack speed of enemy champions when you beat the one who has it. It is very necessary to have this item, as Varus’s passive increases his attack speed each time he will kill something.

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