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Counter Vayne

Counter Vayne

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Vayne. This champion has very good skills against champions body to body or from a distance without mobility, as she increases her speed of movement thanks to her passive and when you activate her ultimate. But here I will give you some advice and if you consider some champions to put an end to Vayne.

Champions counter Vayne

Weak Against

Counter Twitch Counter Corki
Counter Caitlyn Counter Twisted Fate
Counter Sona Counter Teemo
Strong Against

Counter Jarvan IV Counter Alistar
Counter Tahm Kench Counter Rakan
Counter Darius Counter Kai'Sa

Tips to face Vayne

The following champions are the most recommended against Vayne.


Here I present to you the jungle that is recommended against Vayne. Nocturne can easily catch Vayne with her Q and know where she is, when she uses her R-Q thanks to the passive Q of night that leaves a shadow. As Vayne is also weak for the neutralization of the ability E of Nocturne can put the dance of horror when you apply it to Vayne. The W of Nocturne is another factor, since it can dissipate Vayne’s E ability.


He can resist Vayne’s W passive with his skill E (counterattack). If Vayne tries to push later, when he sees that He has his E activated he can reach it again, thanks to Q and finish it off very quickly. If Vayne activates his R, ultimate deadly kombat can strengthen his armor and thus take a lot of damage from it.


This champion, since she is MID can lower an alert to a BOT or where this Vayne, to catch him with his R and W. R or W of Lissandra would help a lot to assassinate Vayne, since Vayne is weak to CC. I recommend having good items for Lissandra, to give her a delete, Vayne.


Ashe can diminish Vayne’s passive with his ice attacks”. It neutralizes Vayne a lot and if you catch it with your R it can go very ugly on Vayne, since you can get a lot of damage. The R of Ashe stuns the target, so you can do a lot of damage with ease.


This champion is very good against Vayne, as she possesses a skill that makes Vayne’s skill E useless. Morgana’s E ability avoids any CC ability that impacts whatever the shield has. Also Morgana can neutralize in two ways, Vayne’s ability Q or R. Morgana’s Q and R, if used very well, can help to terminate Vayne easily on the computer.

Ítems counter de Vayne

I recommend the following so you can defend yourself against Vayne.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

This object neutralizes the speed of movement of the enemy when impacted by some skill. This helps a lot with Vayne’s passive, as it increases his speed of movement when he wants to reach his goal. It is recommended for good range AP champions.

Spine Share

This item returns a percentage of the damage received that you buy what you have. Very good item for champion tanks since it will help a lot against Vayne when she tries to hit the tanks. That will help wear her down.

Presagio de Randuin

Although it decreases the attack speed by 5% when touched by the invader, it also decreases the movement speed when activated. Randuin helps a lot against Vayne, as if she tries to pass long enough to reach a paper ally this is only activated to avoid that movement speed when Vayne is at scale.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object removes any weakness that buys what it has when it is activated. Fajin has to be used quickly when Vayne crashes into the wall of what he has. This item has to be used by ADC or assassins.

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