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Counter Veigar

Counter Veigar

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Veigar. This League of Legends champion is very good, since he has a good passive that helps to destroy any champion that faces him. This passive increases his power of skill, permanently when hitting an enemy or taking him down. Also Q de Veigar is another big point in your favour, as it undoes anything with this skill gives you a little magical power bonus.

Champions counter Veigar

Weak Against

Counter Kassadin Counter Zoe
Counter Fizz Counter Morgana
Counter Anivia Counter Zed
Strong Against

Counter Karma Counter Zyra
Counter Karthus Counter Nidalee
Counter Teemo Counter Twisted Fate

Tips to play against Veigar

These champions are the most recommended when facing Veigar.


This champion and his ultimate can go through everything without problems and without receiving any CC. Olaf can face Veigar without any problems, since if Veigar takes the handle he activates his R and falls behind Veigar with great fury. Veigar to make a perfect combo needs his goals quiet, so I recommend Olaf as he can leave any CC with his ultimate.


Not only can this champion heal, but he can also be immune to any skill that is thrown at him. Vladimir’s W ability helps a lot in facing Veigar, as it can avoid any skill you have Veigar. If Veigar throws his R to Vladimir and this is too fast with his W Veigar he can fail.


This champion can delete any paper champion very easily, much easier when they don’t have the mobility like Veigar. If Veigar tries to get Fizz with his E this one only uses his E (Gambero) skill to dodge. Also this skill E of Fizz if launched at the right time can disappear the R of Veigar.


If you want to go from ADC and you don’t know which to use, I recommend Sivir. She can poke with her big Q or use her W jumps to avoid Veigar getting close. Also Sivir has a great ability for what is yours E that can withstand any skill that Veigar throws at her. Sivir can get out very easily E of Veigar with this skill.


Morgana can take Veigar and put up her shield, an ally of good damage to finish it. This champion can greatly help find the culprit of Veigar’s death, as her skill E gives a shield that absorbs magical damage and removes any neutralization weakness. It’s highly recommended thanks to this skill.

Items that counter Veigar

The following objects help a lot to face Veigar.

of Malmortius’ fauces

This object absorbs 300+1 of magical damage when what it has is below 30% of its life. Malmortius claws can withstand the R of Veigar very easily, as this Veigar skill causes a lot of magical damage.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object out of any weakness is what you have when it is activated. I recommend this item, the damage champions, since if Veigar takes this item he can take it from this CC and give it a second chance.


When this object is activated it leaves at a moment immune without releasing any skills or spells that possess it. In many cases, the object has disappeared Veigar’s ultimate, since when it is used quickly Veigar can fail.

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