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Counter Vel'koz

Counter Vel’koz

In this guide you will be showing how to counter Vel’Koz. This champion is quite problematic as he has a great passive that damages the champions with real damage. Also the combo this champion, can help your team a lot, since you can catch your enemies. But here I’ll show you how to counter for Vel’Koz, recommend some champions and tell yourself some advice to face him.

Champions counter Vel’Koz

Weak Against

Counter LeBlanc Counter Zed
Counter Fizz Counter Fiora
Counter Kalista Counter Yasuo
Strong Against

Counter Teemo Counter Heimerdinger
Counter Lissandra Counter Orianna
Counter Brand Counter Annie

Tips to face Vel’Koz

The following champions are the most recommended to face Vel’Koz without problems.

Master Yi

This champion has great damage, speed of movement and skills, which the Vel’Koz would be difficult to beat him. Master Yi can enter the basics, to damage Speed Koz with ease, and save his ability Q, to dodge Speed Koz’s skill E. You can also resist the detonation of passive Speedo Koz with your skill W.


This champion can approach Speed’Koz without problems, as she has 2 excellent skills that allow her to access it without problems. Fiora’s Q ability allows a short movement that can help avoid the E ability of Speed’Koz or some other. Also, Fiora’s W ability allows her to withstand any ability that throws Speed Koz at her without suffering any damage.


This champion can take on Vel’Koz without any problems, as her skills help keep a clean sheet. As we know Vel’Koz is a champion of great range of attack, but without mobility, making it easy to catch him in the book. LeBlanc can go hand-in-hand with Speed’Koz and avoid his skills with his W ability. If Speed’Koz tries to fight LeBlanc, he can return to his safety zone, pressing his W ability again.


Her passive champion makes it a problem to throw a skill at good break champions like Vel’Koz. Kalista’s passive allows her to move into any area every time she attacks. Also Kalista’s supreme skill can help his ally, who has kept a pact, or it can also cancel out his supreme skill of Speed’Koz when his ally throws himself at him.


Vel’Koz will be an easy prey against Blitzcrank, as the skills of this fastidious champion. The ability Q, E R of Blitzcrank, does not allow the enemies trapped and touched by these 3 skills to do anything to defend themselves. Also, to easily catch the Vel’Koz, since he has no circulation skills, can also cancel his supreme ability of Vel’Koz with his Q, E R.

Items that counter Vel’Koz

The following items have to be used against Vel’Koz, to have a better confrontation.


This object allows what has to be inoculated for a moment. When Vel’Koz tries to combear, it is necessary to activate this object, to avoid all the damage to his abilities. I recommend that Vel’Koz not focus on you.

of Malmortius’ fauces

The skills of Vel’Koz cause a lot of magical damage, so I recommend this item. It allows you to shield the champion you have when you reach -30% of life. When it reaches that life limit, the shield absorbs 300+1 of magical damage.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object removes any weakness in what it possesses. The skill E of Speed’Koz blows out the enemies touched by this skill, making it easy to damage. I recommend this object if you are an assassin or ADC.

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