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Counter Vex

Counter Vex

Vex, an emo that will kill your patience depending on the champion you carry, so it is best to take a Vex counter to have a much easier line.

Champions counter Vex

Weak Against

Counter Zed Counter Akshan
Counter Cassiopeia Counter Anivia
Counter Irelia Counter Viktor
Strong Against

Counter Kassadin Counter Yone
Counter Malzahar Counter Viktor
Counter Sylas Counter Akali

Tips to face Vex

Vex is a champion with little mobility to escape, but it is true that he has a rather tedious fear, so we do not recommend playing aggressively if we see that he has the red bar below (fully charged) because the next ability he launches will apply CC.

Knowing this, we have practically free trades every time he doesn’t have that CC. He will probably try to push the waves when he has the ability to do it with a combo to avoid 1vs1 confrontations.

He is a champion with a lot of damage, so be careful with Vex and do not underestimate his damage. His Q goes in a straight line and although at the beginning it comes out quite slow then makes a good speed increase and reaches quite far, we must be careful with that because if we reach his E will try to hit the Q, and it is a devastating combo that only with that we can lower half life.

His E, makes a fairly wide circle that slows, so it will be easy to hit his combo if he gives it to you. The W gives you a fairly large shield and does considerable damage, it explodes in an area similar to Vladimir’s E at its maximum range but it is instantaneous.

His R reaches very far and if he hits you he can go directly to you, if he finishes you he has it back on CD to throw it to any other champion (similar to Darius’ R).

Counter Vex champions


A champion that has a lot of pressure and we can also dodge all of Vex’s combo with our R if we do it right. This champion destroys Vex if you know how to use it correctly, if not, it may not be useful as Vex’s counter since she is a melee character and melee characters usually suffer a lot against her.


One of the newest champions and that works best against her, we make basic and fast combos, we can easily dodge her abilities with our E and thanks to the shield of our passive we can practically make trades without taking damage if we do it right. Play your cards right!


We reach the mages and with them Cassiopeia, a very good counter to Vex especially for its ultimate that perfectly counteracts Vex’s, as it comes in a straight line looking at us and our R will petrify it and leave it in place if it decides to activate its ultimate.

In addition, if we hit our Q on her we gain a lot of movement speed, so it is a very good counter to Vex, in addition to all the damage we can do.


With Anivia we must play quite passive, we can cut the whole combo when she pounces on us with our Q or our W if we do it correctly and we can clean with facildiad since we have much more range than what has the E of Vex or his W, it is a very safe pick against her that if she kills us we will still have the egg, and we can be reborn since probably the cds do not have them yet.


With Irelia is a bit like with Zed, the advantage is that we can jump between minions and dodge with great ease the skills that she throws at us. We will have to be very careful with the fear as we can do great damage with that, but with our W we can mitigate much of the damage we do.


With Viktor it will be similar to what we played with Anivia, but we will have more damage than with Anivia (at least to wear down) thanks to our E. We can stop Vex with our W, and our range with the E is much higher and faster than the skills she can throw at us.

In addition, our boosted Q gives us movement speed, which will be great against Vex.

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