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Counter Vi

Counter Vi

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Vi. This League of Legends champion is very good as he can destroy the armor of his enemies with his big fists. Also Vi’s skills help a lot in the match, since he can capture his enemies with ease. But as all champions have their weaknesses, here I will show you Vi’s weaknesses.

Champions counter Vi

Weak Against

Counter Jax Counter Kindred
Counter Karma Counter Darius
Counter Poppy Counter Pantheon
Strong Against

Counter Azir Counter Kassadin
Counter Katarina Counter Draven
Counter Nautilus Counter Hecarim

Tips to face Vi

The following champions are the most recommended against Vi, as they have excellent skills against her.


Jax’s skill E allows you not to receive damage from basic attacks, helping you that I saw, not to damage you. It also has its ability E, which can stun, allowing Vi not to run away or walk away with his Q. Also, the supreme ability that He allows you to modify your armour and magical stamina, having more resistance against Vi.


This champion can protect her allies, or herself from an aggressive entrance by Vi, as she possesses great skill, which stops enemies with sudden entrances. Poppy’s W skill, allows her circulating enemies to collide with her magical wall, as is the Q Vi skill. This skill can also stop Vi’s supreme skill.


This champion can stop or resist any shock that tries to make Vi. Morgana’s Q ability can stop Vi while carrying her Q ability to move. Vi also has a large shield, which allows Vi not to hit or throw her opponents into the air with her definitive skill or Q.


This is the ADC champion I recommend the most against Vi, since if they try to catch, you can avoid getting arrested thanks to their ultimate. Xayah’s supreme ability, and the spear into the air immunizing her to this damage. Also the skill E can stop Vi, when she tries to get close or get away with her Q.

Tahm Kench

The skills and passivity of this champion, helps to protect an ally and annoy Vi in everything. The passive of Tahm Kench, allows you to mark your enemies, if you complete 3 basic attacks better. The passive and Q this champion can stun his enemies or tragarselos with his W. If Vi tries to hit with his ultimate for an ally of Tahm Kench, he only keeps his ally in his stomach with his W ability.

Items that counter Vi

The following items have to be used against Vi, to have a better confrontation.


This item immunizes the champions it has when it is activated. This item has to be activated at the moment I see your ultimate. But have much more patience, wait for Vi to reach you with his ultimate and try to throw it to the ground in order to activate it.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object allows you to remove any CC, which is what you have when it is activated. This object has to be activated when I saw you throw it into the air, so I can walk out without seeing you throw it to the ground.

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