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Counter Viego

Counter Viego

In this guide we will discuss Viego’s weaknesses and how to counter this champion.

Champions counter Viego

Weak Against

Counter Lucian Counter Nocturne
Counter Zed Counter Rengar
Counter Shaco Counter Udyr
Strong Against

Counter Skarner Counter Rammus
Counter Elise Counter Ekko
Counter Ivern Counter Fiddlesticks

Tips for facing Viego

Viego is a champion with a lot of 1vs1 damage, so dealing with him will be complicated. His Q is a straight line that heals with it when he hits minions or enemies, his W is a small dash that stuns, and his E becomes invisible. To finish the R makes a jump and falls doing great damage in area, but it looks quite fall and its range is very limited.

This champion has a great potential from early, but has virtually no mobility so if you have it in the middle, make your jungler pass to beat him easily and if not now we leave you a few champions to counter Viego.


With Lucian you have very powerful low levels from which you can take advantage of Viego and put pressure on him and even kill him if he plays badly. You will be able to dodge his W with your E very easily and even his ultimate, so he will have nothing to do against you.


Nocturne is a very good pick against Viego in the jungle, since you can dodge his W with your W and thanks to your fear (E) you can kill him in 1vs1.


A champion that is undoubtedly very good in the middle and a great counter to Viego, you can hit them with lethal combos and dodge their skills with your W and your R without any problem, making it explode in seconds.


The power that Udyr has for 1vs1 has practically no jungler so it is very good against Viego, you can dodge his W with the speed of the bear (E) and end his life thanks to your great damage.

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