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Counter Viktor

Counter Viktor

In this guide you will be showing how to counter Viktor. This League of Legends champion is very good against hand-to-hand or non-mobile champions, as his skills allow him to maintain advantages against them. Also its passive allows you to improve any skill, every time you improve your toolbar in the store. But here I’ll show you how to counter Viktor without too many problems.

Champions counter Viktor

Weak Against

Counter Anivia Counter Ziggs
Counter Syndra Counter Zac
Counter Tristana Counter LeBlanc
Strong Against

Counter Rumble Counter Karthus
Counter Malzahar Counter Cassiopeia
Counter Katarina Counter Swain

Tips to face Viktor

The following champions are the most recommended, to face Viktor in a match.

Master Yi

Master Yi and his great damage can kill any champion quite easily. If you face Viktor, you have to come in attacking with basics and throw the skill Q when Viktor throws his W to catch.

Cho Gath

Cho’Gath’s Q ability, allows you to play through the air, the enemies artifacts of similar use, causing Viktor to be arrested and can assassinate very easily. Also Cho’Gath can silence with his W to prevent Viktor from combo.


Anivia’s skills are very good against Viktor, as he can neutralize and poke quite easily. Anivia’s Q ability, can stun your enemies and much easier when they have no displacement. She and her magic damage can even cause Viktor’s death, as your E can do twice as much damage when you stun or play with your ultimate.


Also, Tristana’s W ability allows him to fly through the air, so Viktor can’t catch with his W ability or his supreme ability. If Viktor tries to win at speed with his Q, to assassinate Tristana, he can launch his ultimate to deflect him.


Viktor is very strong against the CC champions, as when he is arrested he cannot throw his skills properly. The supreme skill of Leoa can be thrown from a good area, to catch his enemies and much better, if it is to catch Viktor. Leona has to spend all CC on Viktor, since if he hits a Leoa ally he can hurt her a lot.

Items that counter Viktor

The following items have to be used against Viktor, to maintain a better confrontation.


This item allows you to possess it, to be inoculated when it is activated. If Viktor catches it with his W ability it is important to activate this item, as it can release its ultimate and its other abilities to damage easily.

of Malmortius’ fauces

This object grants a shield that allows it to withstand 300+1 of magical damage, when it possesses reaches -30% of life. Viktor has a lot of magical damage and when he does combo his enemies causes him a lot of damage that leaves him on the verge of death. I recommend him to killers or hand-to-hand fighters.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object removes any weakness in the champion you have when it is activated. If Viktor can catch the champion who has this item only chest from there with just pressing this item. It is recommended for ADC champions and killers.

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