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Counter Vladimir

Counter Vladimir

Here I’ll be showing you how to counter Vladimir. This champion is very demanding with his skills, as these spells help to regenerate life have lost as to cause magical damage to the attack, he also possesses a skill that is his W that makes him immune and damages the enemy champions who are within reach of this skill. But take it easy on this guide and I’ll show you what to do to end Vladimir.

Champions counter Vladimir

Weak Against

Counter Cassiopeia Counter Irelia
Counter Xin Zhao Counter Fiddlesticks
Counter Swain Counter Galio
Strong Against

Counter Zed Counter Kayn
Counter Sion Counter Zoe
Counter Ekko Counter Singed

Advice on how to play against Vladimir

These champions are very good against Vladimir, as they have enough good skills to fight Vladimir and finish him off.


Irelia and her skills like her W can attack Vladimir and regenerate while hitting him, just like R’s. She also has her fantastic ability which, if the opponent has more life than Irelia this ability stuns the opponent, if it is against Vladimir this when, so she can stun him and hit him while regenerate.


This is another champion who has life regeneration in his ability R. Swain by being a champion who damages with extended damage skills like his Q and, this will give him an advantage against Vladimir. If you are putting Swain’s skill E, any other damage Swain Vladimir will give you stronger, making it so when Vladimir is not so needed at that moment.


Cassiopeia is another champion who has regeneration of life in her ability And also has prolonged damage, since this has the nature of poisoning. This champion is good against Vladimir, because his skill W neutralizes Vladimir when he has his passive activated, since this passive of Vladimir increases his speed of movement, in order to reach his opponent and hit him with a skill that causes more damage to what beats and regenerates life to him.


Another of the best counter-recommended against Vladimir. Fiddlesticks has the ability to regenerate life and silence, as when Vladimir tries to approach the champion he stops dry and harms him while Vladimir is silent.

Items that counter Vladimir

Calling the executor

It reduces Vladimir’s healing. I recommend this object to champions who are body to body with theft of life.

Spiritual rostrum

This item increases the regeneration of life it possesses. It also gives resistance to magic and life, being a better factor to resist it a Vladimir.

Banshee fleece

When Vladimir throws his ultimate skill, this item will prevent his R from touching you. The veil is very necessary as it saves you from a first skill like Vladimir’s Q.

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