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Counter Volibear

Counter Volibear

This guide will show you how to counter him. This champion possesses very good skills when it comes to body-to-body champions, you can also pack a champion with your Q and bring him back. But here I will give you some advice and if you consider some champions to stand up to Him without problems.

Champions counter Volibear

Weak Against

Counter Jayce Counter Singed
Counter Elise Counter Kennen
Counter Kayle Counter Vayne
Strong Against

Counter Dr. Mundo Counter Amumu
Counter Riven Counter Xin Zhao
Counter Nasus Counter Shaco

Tips to face Volibear

The following champions are the most recommended to stand up to Him.


This champion makes a great counter for Him, since you can catch Him in your spider web, to prevent Him from starting with your Q. Also when He activates your ultimate, she can immunize herself from that spider-jumping damage and E. Also Elise’s spider-shaped passive allows her basic attacks to heal and damage with magical damage.


This champion can face Him easily, as his ultimate allows him to change weapons to help him have a better fight. The pokeo is very good against Him, not to let him farmear. Also if He tries to approach Jayce can return him with his hammer-shaped AND skill.


This champion can neutralize the speed of movement of all enemies with her Q ability. This Q skill of Kayle can prevent him from reaching it with his Q, as this skill neutralizes a lot. Also Kayle’s passive is good against tanks as she can remove -3% armor and stamina and can accumulate up to 5 times, which is 5% of both.


This champion is the one I recommend the most as ADC to face Him. Vayne’s skills help a lot to protect against Him and his great damage to finish him is very easy. Vayne’s skill E can give him back when he tries to get close with his Q. Also, Vayne’s Q ability can give him a chance to get away from him.


This champion can annoy Him in everything, since you can catch Him or prevent Him from throwing an ally or herself behind. Morgana’s Q ability can prevent Him from hitting anyone. Also her ability E grants her a shield for her allies or herself from being thrown back by Him.

Items that counter Volibear

The following items have to be used against Him, to have a better fight against Him.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

This object allows the one with it to neutralize the enemy champions by touch with a skill. This object is very good magical champions from a distance, as they can neutralize the ability Q of Volibear very easily.

Death Record

This item allows the one who has it to inflict serious injuries on the enemy champions, when he touches them. Volibear’s passive regenerates life when it is at a critical limit, but this item reduces that healing, so it’s not so much bigger. (Also good for tank champions)

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