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Counter Warwick

Counter Warwick

In this guide you will be showing how to counter it Warwick. This League of Legends champion is very good, since he has a great damage and healing that helps a lot in a 1vs1 fight. Warwick’s passive is very good for a hand-to-hand combat. But here, I’ll teach you how to counter it Warwick.

Champions counter Warwick

Weak Against

Counter Olaf Counter Sejuani
Counter Yorick Counter Kayle
Counter Skarner Counter Akali
Strong Against

Counter Miss Fortune Counter Yasuo
Counter Shen Counter Katarina
Counter Draven Counter Shaco

Tips to face Warwick

The following champions are the most recommended to face Warwick.


The champion I most recommend for a 1vs1 fight against Warwick is Olaf. The champion has a very good passive and a great definitive ability, which helps a lot to face Warwick. Olaf’s passive increases his attack speed +1% for every % of life he lacks. Olaf’s ultimate avoids Warwick’s E and R ability, as he gains immunity.


This champion can stop and escape Warwick in any situation. If Warwick catches an ally of Skarner with his ultimate, he only activates his E or R to stun Warwick and cancel his ultimate. Also, Skarner can gain movement speed when you activate your W, this can help you escape from Warwick.


This champion makes a great counter for Warwick, since she can neutralize him and save his allies and herself from their claws. Warwick won’t be able to reach her goals very easily, as Kayle’s Q slows down her movement. Also, Kayle’s supreme ability can save his allies if Warwick catches him with his R, as it makes him immune for a moment.


This is the ADC champion I most recommend against Warwick. Tristana can defend herself against Warwick every time you use her skills at the right time. If you see that Warwick launches his ultimate, I recommend you to conjure R as fast as you can before they catch you. You can also avoid Warwick’s R if you use W in a safe area.


If you don’t know what support to use against Warwick, I recommend Janna. This champion can stop Warwick’s ultimate with her Q and R. Janna’s Q can cancel Warwick’s ultimate, and R takes Warwick away and prevents Warwick from gaining movement speed by healing her allies. Also, Janna’s W decreases movement speed, which can help Warwick not to approach you.

Warwick counter items

The following items have to be used to face Warwick.


ZhonyasThis object immunizes the champion you have when it is activated. This object is very necessary for the role mages, since if Warwick arrests them they can die. This item has to be used at the moment Warwick launches his ultimate.

Call of the executioner

This item grants serious injuries to champions who are hit because they own it. Warwick’s passive is very good, as he earns theft of life every time he gets below half a lifetime. With serious injuries you decrease the healing by half.

Heart of Ice

This object is reduced by 5% the attack speed of the enemies that reach what it has. Warwick, when he sees his objective, below half of his life he gains attack speed. This object is recommended to face Warwick.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object removes any CC that has touched the champion you have when it is activated. I recommend this item if you are a killer or ADC, since if Warwick catches you it could be that you die and lose the match.

Champions counter :