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Counter Wukong

Counter Wukong

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Wukong. This League of Legends champion is very good, as he can increase his armor and magical stamina for each close enemy. This helps a lot to resist a lot of blows and to reach your goal with your spells. But here I’ll show you how to end wukong, with some advice and recommended champions to face him.

Champions counter Wukong

Weak Against

Counter Renekton Counter Olaf
Counter Pantheon Counter Lee Sin
Counter Udyr Counter Shyvana
Strong Against

Counter Aurelion Sol Counter Elise
Counter Yasuo Counter Zed
Counter Jhin Counter Jayce

Tips to face Wukong

The following champions are the most recommended to face Wukong.

Lee Sin

This champion is good enough to face Wukong. Lee has no excellent skills against Wukong, such as his Q and that can detect Wukong when he throws his W skill. Also Lee Sin’s W skill can help stop Wukong when it throws its ultimate. If Wukong throws his ultimate, Lee cannot beat his R, to prevent Wukong from reaching his allies.


Renekton’s skills help in everything against Wukong, besides, who has a lot of life, also has fury that increases the damage in each attack. Renekton’s Q ability can reach Wukong, when he launches his W, he can also approach with his E to be able to detect body to body where Wukong is.


This champion can fight or stop Wukong very easily, since her ability Q puts you in too much of a position for him. The ability Q Lux can catch Wukong, the moment he throws his R or wants to escape with his W. This ability sends a light that catches and jumps back to catch another goal, like Wukong’s W ability, leaves a decoy, the Q Lux can take the bait and Wukong.


This champion is the ADC that I recommend the most, since it has mobility, which can leave Wukong when it is at its ultimate. Also Lucian’s W ability allows him a mark of light that can detect the invisible enemies. Lucian’s Q ability can beat Wukong, and his bait when Wukong, throws his W ability of invisibility.


This champion is very good, since you can do disengage the champions is Wukong. Janna’s Q ability is a hurricane that can stop champions when they are hit. Also this skill can throw when Wukong, try to reach with his E. Janna’s ultimate can save your team allied to Wukong’s ultimate, as it can take him out.

Items that counter Wukong

The following items have to be used against Wukong, to have a better confrontation.

Fajin de Mercurio

This item removes any weakness in what you have when it is activated. Wukong’s supreme skill neutralizes by throwing your enemies into the air touched by this skill. This item is what I recommend to ADC champions or assassins, since if Wukong arrests them it would be their end.


This object immunizes the champion you have when it is activated, without allowing you to throw anything while it is activated. This would greatly assist Wukong’s ultimate as he can do a lot of damage and neutralize his enemies with his ultimate skill.

Proclamation of Ice Queen

This item can detect nearby or invisible enemies, and can also slow down enemies when this item hits them. When Wukong runs away with his W or tries to start a fight, this item can help to detect him.

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