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Counter Xayah

Counter Xayah

in this guide you will be showing how to counter her Xayah. This League of Legends champion is very good as he has a lot of damage and skills that are very good for an ADC. Xayah is a champion who if played properly can play alone on the line, as her skills help her a lot, as much as her ultimate. But every champion has his weaknesses and here I will show you what Xayah’s weaknesses are.

Champions counter Xayah

Weak Against

Counter Caitlyn Counter Blitzcrank
Counter Master Yi Counter Lucian
Counter Rakan Counter Braum
Strong Against

Counter Ashe Counter Twitch
Counter Varus Counter Amumu
Counter Brand Counter Jhin

Tips to play against Xayah

The following champions are the most recommended when facing Xayah, as they have very good skills against her.


This is the ADC I most recommend against Xayah, as it has mobility in its E. ability. Lucian can finish Xayah very easily, as you can avoid this E her ability. He also has a great passive that can kill only Xayah, since this passive gives 2 basic punches of every skill he throws.


Braum make a great counter to Xayah’s abilities with only one skill that is his E. This skill E of Braum allows the thrown skills to crash into this big ice shield, thus making the R Xayah have no passage, but its feathers stay in front of the Braum shield.

Items that counter Xayah

The following items have to be used in the match against Xayah.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object removes any weakness in the champion you have when you are arrested. Fajin of Mercury can quickly get out of E Xayah if you are arrested, so get out of that CC quickly and not be a victim.


This object immunizes the champions it has when it is activated. This item is very good for when Xayah throws his R and so avoid getting stuck. Zhonyas has to be activated when Xayah tries to push his feathers.

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