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Counter Xin Zhao

Counter Xin Zhao

This League of Legends champion is very good as he has a lot of damage and spectacular skills that make him a very difficult opponent. This champion has become a beast with his ultimate skill, since if you go the distance you can not damage him if you are outside the circle of this skill. But as all League of Legends champions have their weak points here I show you.

Champions counter Xin Zhao

Weak Against

Counter Rammus Counter Jax
Counter Malphite Counter Volibear
Counter Trundle Counter Fiora
Strong Against

Counter Amumu Counter Aurelion Sol
Counter Lux Counter Vladimir
Counter Rumble Counter Yorick

Tips to play against Xin Zhao

The following champions are the most recommended when facing Xin Zhao.


Rammus can save your partner’s life with his skill AND, since this skill forces you to beat him when used with an enemy champion, thus avoiding Xin focusing on the most vulnerable.


He can take on Xin Zhao inside R, as he can hit very hard and take most of the hits with his E the R. If Xin Zhao takes him with his R, he can go back in with his Q.


If Xin Zhao tries to cast his E to Ahri, he is only casting his E (Charm) skill at him. Also if Ahri is in trouble against Xin Zhao, he can come out with his ultimate, to avoid Xin Zhao’s damage and get away from him.


Despite the damage this champion has, she also has good skills against Xin Zhao. Vayne is the ADC that I most recommend against Xin Zhao, since if Xin Zhao can catch her with her E she can return it with her E. Also the invisibility that Vayne has is very useful against him, because he can’t attack, while this one, in that passive of Q-R.


This champion can give you an excellent peel against a Xin Zhao. Janna can stop her Q to Xin Zhao if he tries to beat an ally with his E. Also Janna’s supreme ability also helps to take Xin Zhao away. The skill E helps a lot when facing Xin Zhao, as this skill increases the ally’s damage and protects him with a shield.

Items that counter Xin Zhao

The following items have to be used against Xin Zhao.

Called Executioner

This item provides serious injury to enemy champions when they are hit by what possesses it. Xin Zhao’s passive, healing you every 3 attacks, if you have this item, this healing will diminish and help you to finish it faster and easier.

Spine Share

This object will cause damage to enemy champions when it beats the one who possesses it. When Xin Zhao is in front of a champion who has this item, you will receive the damage from the item and the champion’s damage is a confrontation.

Veil of the Death Fairy

This item fully charges the first skill that touches what it has. If Xin Zhao tries to leave with his R this object doesn’t make him do this function, since it can dissipate. I recommend this item to AP assassins.

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