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Counter Yasuo

Counter Yasuo

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Yasuo. This is a very strong League of Legends champion for his powerful skill set. This is because you don’t just take care of making a kill in the game if you don’t have a lot of ease in what is called a farmeo. By this I mean, if you feel like an online Yasuo, every fight is a complicated thing depending on how you play against it.

Champions counter Yasuo

Weak Against

Counter Rammus Counter Poppy
Counter Warwick Counter Wukong
Counter Irelia Counter Rengar
Strong Against

Counter Caitlyn Counter Ezreal
Counter Kow'Maw Counter Zoe
Counter Miss Fortune Counter Gragas

Tips to play against Yasuo

Yasuo’s main goal is based on farmear in order to obtain objects that give him a chance of critical hit due to his passive ability. Yasuo has mobility, critical hit, barrier, attack speed, “Q” ability that with 2 hits activates the wind that throws his champion in the air and his powerful ulti disappearing to a champion role in several hits.

If you want to do the counter-a Yasuo, take these tips:


Be a champion, basically, on the midline can make an easy counter to Yasuo. If you hit the Q of “Akali” you’ll take away his passive and then with a base to cause you more damage than you can get from him and then you take advantage of his hand-to-hand skills to make an easy combo against him.

If Yasuo will pull your “Q” converted into wind, use invisibility, the moment you throw it at him, and prevent him from using his past. Don’t make the mistake of not having the invisibility (Twilight Cloak), this ability will help you avoid Yasuo’s Q.


With this other champion, he’ll tire Yasuo out. Yasuo is fragile, slow and pokeo, Malzahar at his distance throws his “E” ability combined with “W” against the enemy minions, making them do not let Yasuo farmear.

If you’re going to counter Yasuo with this champion, be patient, don’t conjure up your fabulous “Q” before he attacks you hand-to-hand, waiting for him to approach you without poking “Q” in the wind, so you can silence him with your “Q” and combo with your “E”, “W”, and “R”. Also, your shield will save you from some skill you can send into the air.


Be a champion is very good against Yasuo, I recommend it. Since you have great reach of your spells poke Yasuo and the “R” that avoids any movement that comes like this Azir.

Azir has escapes against Yasuo and also has the damage against Yasuo to fight her. Never use “Q” and “e” to fight Yasuo body to body, only activate “W” and “Q” to poke if Yasuo is too close to her asle combo tower, thus sending her and maria behind her ulti.


Killer champion like “Zed” easily counter Yasuo. This is because of his great mobility of good left to attack and easily get out of any attack by Yasuo. Zed is a champion that his passive “Contempt for the weak” makes when Yasuo is short of life, he is afraid to give the counter.

Yasuo will be afraid to face a one-on-one battle with this champion named Zed. If you’re going to fight Yasuo, pokea well with your “living shadow” (W), “Dark blade” (E) and “Shuriken razor” (Q), when you activate your master’s truene, you’ll see that you’ll have little life and when you have all your skills back you’ll fiercely attack your ulti using fast mechanics with your shadows so you don’t touch.

Recommendable champions against Yasuo online top


This top line champion is Yasuo’s biggest counter, very good against the I recommend you that line. All Yasuo fears him against a champion who has CC, since he is weak against CC. He is complete with full damage, armor, CC, theft of life, and the best critical hit with attack speed.

To finish Yasuo off in the top line with this champion named Jax I tell you the best combo to finish him off.

First, the fight, the center of his minions, since he won’t want to get farmed and don’t worry if you attack he’ll destroy the minions at once and he’ll be alone against you and your minions. In a hand-to-hand combat. If you’re already hitting your “counter attack” (E), since you can’t do it with this skill activated and you can do CC, never make a mistake start with “Brutal Jump” (Q), since you’ll be able to handle the jump with your passive and would have more escape over your death better, I recommend Q mortal kombat for when you escape using flash or any movement.


Fiora if you’re an easy champion against Yasuo. Since your ulti gives you the speed of movement and your “Attack” (Q) makes it easier to reach. Yasuo is weak against Fiora as he cannot beat his “Tempesta, de acerra” (Q) converted into wind as Fiora uses her “Estocada” (W) where the wind comes to and disappears.

Fiora has a lot of damage against Yasuo. Fiora’s “Fencing” (E) decreases Yasuo and the second attack gives a strong critic. Fiora is immune to Yasuo with these skills. Viable Combo to beat Yasuo with Fiora: Give a basic first, then use the “Big Duel” (R) to Yasuo and then dale, with “Attack” (Q) and “Fencing” (W) and you’ll see that Yasuo doesn’t do anything but save your “Stock” (E) for when it comes to (Q), wind of Yasuo.


Very strong champion against Yasuo, don’t let it basically do anything on this top line. Since Darius is a tank and you can wear Yasuo armor you can’t beat him. A hand-to-hand combat Yasuo and Darius for Yasuo is not very good, since Darius for his passive “bleeding” him, takes the passive from Yasuo, causing damage yet.

Darius doesn’t need help to finish several champions, since his “Tithing” (Q) heals him a lot and causes hemorrhage to everyone he hits. Darius can make a good combo for Yasuo easy: First the basics to take out the passive Yasuo, then click “Dizimar” (Q) and quickly “Disabling Blow” (W) Yasuo with this damage will want to run but use his “Apprehend” (E) to lure him and blow him up with Guillotine, Noxious” (R).


Riven and his passive more damage to each skill destroys Yasuo, as Riven has two cc’s, which is the last “Broken Wings”(Q) and “Ki Explosion” (W). Yasuo is weak against CC champions, so Riven makes counter easy and much better, because he dodges with his “Valor” (E).

I recommend you to be aggressive with Riven against Yasuo. You can’t do anything, since you have a huge skill damage. Combo, first asle against Yasuo taking a basic, without using any skill then attack with your “Broken Wings”(Q) to hit him. Then you activate the ulti, since Riven is a champion of little skill freshness and will return with his “Broken Wings”(Q) and quickly “Explosion of ki” (W) throwing (R) of Riven right there so that Yasuo does not use wind because he will be in CC. Always keep “Value” (E) to avoid Yasuo’s Q.

Items that counter Yasuo

Fajin de mercurio

This “Item” (Object) makes when Yasuo throws it to the champion it can get out of this CC with just activating the “Mercury Range”

Reloj de arena de Zhonya

This other makes Yasuo not hit his “Steel Tempesta” (Q) ability converted to wind, as it makes him immune for a while to the champion and also gives him more air for Yasuo’s damage resistance.

Tabi de ninja

This boot blocks 12% of Yasuo’s basic damage.

Guardian’s mesh

Since Yasuo shares great attack speed, this “item” (Object) which reduces the attack speed and gives him the champion armor.

Mazo helado

This “item” (Object) that reduces the speed of champions with each attack that deseases it. Yasuo is weak for deceleration.

Spin share

Yasuo gives hand-to-hand combat. If you take this “item” (Object) with your champion tank, it will become easier to return the damage to Yasuo.

Ice Glove

This is another one who slows down and the armor. Very good against Yasuo.

Rylai’s crystal scepter

slower and gives life with the power of skill to counter-attack Yasuo.

Presagio de randuin

This item “Object” activandolo decreases the area and reduces Yasuo’s attack speed.

Night edge

This “item” (Object) loads without being in combat for when you will face Yasuo be immune to wind.

Doran’s shield

If you’re with a champion who’s hand-to-hand against Yasuo. I recommend you to start with this item (Object) to start the match. Since you can offer more sustain against Yasuo’s attacks. And regenerate life every 5 seconds.

Spells that counter Yasuo


This spell reduces Yasuo’s basic movement and attack. It also reduces his armor and magical resistance by 10 and his damage capacity by 40% to 2.5 s.


This one takes away any spell suppression that leaves the champion mobilized. If Yasuo-te (Q) in the wind, it helps the zafart from there quickly.

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