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Counter Yone

Counter Yone

Yasuo’s brother, Yone, is a danger in the midlane and toplane, so we are going to tell you in this guide how to counter Yone.

Champions counter Yone

Weak against

Counter Annie Counter Irelia
Counter Zed Counter Viego
Counter Fizz Counter Lucian
Strong Against

Counter Corki Counter Azir
Counter Ziggs Counter Viktor
Counter Galio Counter Veigar

Tips to face and counter Yone Mid

Yone has less mobility than Yasuo when it comes to escape, but it is true that when he tries to hit you with a combo it will be very easy and safe thanks to his E, so you will have to be careful.

He has a mechanic of 3 Qs, as he charges the third will be a tornado moving him towards the same line as the tornado, his W will hit in area and will receive a shield and with the ultimate he will lift in a straight line all the enemies he finds on the way, he can also use it to escape.

So the best way to kill Yone will be to play some aggressive champion or with enough damage and CC to kill him, let’s leave you a few champions to counter Yone.


One of the strongest champions against melee in mid lane, Annie has the potential of CC and burst with the peculiarity that usually does not reach other mages to do her combo. In this case, since Yone is an auto attack champion, you can throw the whole combo without any problem, besides if she is on her E and you stun her she won’t go back until she runs out of stun.


A very strong champion in the midlane, great mobility with minions and her Q, increased attack speed due to her passive and huge auto damage, so you can take over the line comfortably since Yone has little health compared to the damage that can be done with Irelia.


A champion that can do 1vs1 against almost every champion, with great mobility, burst damage, wave clearing, his only downside is that he is AD, otherwise he is one of the best assassins.


Thanks to Lucian’s dash (E) you can dodge Yone’s tornado or even launch with it to attack plus your Q combo with the passive, to destroy him in early without being able to play comfortably, it is not easy to escape with Yone so Lucian will be easy to go after him.


A very good champion for 1vs1, a lot of damage in a few seconds and DPS for his passive that assists 2 auto attacks very fast when you hit the Q or W.

Counters for Yone Top


This pick can also be useful in midlane, but in top is more common if you want to take him out, you have CC, you can stop his damage, and your early is much higher than Yone’s so you can win the line.


A rather complex champion to use, but a great counter to Yone, you can end his life thanks to your huge CC and your great damage that you can bring with your ultimate.


Thanks to the jumps and quick trades you can make with Rengar you will leave Yone useless if you do well playing with the bushes.


Even though they are very similar, Yasuo makes a great counter to Yone so you can beat him early since you have more damage than him and you have more mobility.


A range in the toplane that also his legs explode to do great damage, you will be great against Yone because he can not attack you easily because with your E you will lift him and you will put a shield to protect you from everything he tries to do to you so it is a very good pick.

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