Counter Yone

Counter Yone

Yone, also called by many as “the other Yasuo” is a champion who has extremely high damage, however, against Yone is not so difficult to say In this content we explain how and with whom to fight him easily.

Champions counter Yone

Weak against

Counter Annie Counter Qiyana
Counter Camille Counter Talon
Counter Fizz Counter Lux
Strong Against

Counter Corki Counter Azir
Counter Ziggs Counter Viktor
Counter Sylas Counter Sett

Tips to face Yone Top Lane


With Darius starting first with Dark Blade and knowing how to use Darius correctly, for example, by correctly using his passive that makes him bleed 5 times, it’s very easy to beat him. However, we recommend that after the Dark Blade you mount tank items, e.g. Solar Fire Cable, Thorn Height, otherwise in recent times Yone can recover from you and beat you easily.


With Garen starting with the item “Ashes of Bami” and then with the Solar Fire Cable you can easily beat it. With Garen you’ll win for sure if you arm yourself with a full tank from the start. If you start with Dark Blade or Trinity, you’ll have difficulties.


Without going into too much detail, this is a super tank champion and apart from a lot of damage and CC, Yone has no chance of beating him.


Yone has the peculiarity that, at least in the beginning, she is too weak and Camille can be quite strong and aggressive at the first levels, giving her the opportunity to take a considered advantage.


A champion who has incalculable damage throughout the game, and has his cubit that gives him a chance to survive the heavy fight against Yone.

Tips to take on Yone Mid Lane


Veigar is a champion who at first needs to bluff a lot, but against a Yone has the opportunity to keep bluffing all the time, well and safely. Once in Late Veigar you can blow him up with a combination.


Malzahar is a very annoying champion for Yone, because since his first levels he has a lot of damage and has his shield to protect himself, being Yone melee has him complicated, because even, it is very difficult for him to bluff against Malzahar.


Zed, who is one of the strongest assassins, can easily defeat Yone, because with his combination he can end up eliminating Yone even if he escapes with his shadow, because Zed can go with him with the shadow of ulti. Zed has a lot of advantage against Yone in the early and middle stages of the game, in the end it gets more complicated, so with Zed it is recommended to avoid being late against a Yone, because Yone climbs better in damage.

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