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Counter Yorick

Counter Yorick

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Yorick. This champion is very good against the champions body to body and has no movement. Yorick’s skill allows him to neutralize, pick up, hurt and heal himself. Besides doing all this, you can also invoke corpses that damage enemy champions and much more if they are marked by his skill E. But here I’ll give you some advice and recommended champions to finish him off.

Champions counter Yorick

Weak Against

Counter Aatrox Counter Xin Zhao
Counter Cho'Gath Counter Nunu
Counter Trundle Counter Nidalee
Strong Against

Counter Jayce Counter Jarvan IV
Counter Warwick Counter Malphite
Counter Maokai Counter Tahm Kench

Tips to face Yorick

The following champions are the most recommended to face Yorick without problems.


This champion can face another champion, body to body, and gain an advantage, as he can increase his healing and harm a lot. Trundle’s supreme skill and W can be a very good combination, as he will have great damage and a great healing. This combination can be performed when Yorick tries to attack Him within his W ability.


If Yorick gets Undone with his skill W, he can leave with his skill E. A hand-to-hand combat against Yorick Tryndamere can beat him, as he has immortality and displacement.


This champion can attack Yorick from a good area and finish off the corpses that Yorick lifts from the ground with a single skill. Ahri’s Q skill can take out all of Yorick’s bodies and beat him without much effort. Also Ahri’s supreme skill allows him to get out of Yorick’s W skill with ease.


Quinn’s skill E can help you get out of Yorick’s skill W, whenever and wherever you use it in a good position. To use this great skill, you have to throw it at Yorick by being near the wall of his skill.


Bardo’s Q ability is a light projectile that slows down your enemy if touched. If this ability up to 2 enemies or subjects are stunned for a moment. Yorick will always be stunned, as those from the river. of Yorick can help to complete this skill in order to get stunned.

Items that counter Yorick

The following items have to be used to maintain a confrontation against Yorick.

Call the Executor

This object diminishes the healing of enemies when they are hit because they have it. Yorick’s Q ability, which allows him to regenerate a percentage of life, but having this object will fall a lot. I recommend it to ADC champions or good damage fighters.

Spine Share

This object allows enemies to receive damage if they hit the champion who owns it. Yorick and a hand-to-hand combat against a champion who has this item will be quite difficult as you will get more damage when he does it.

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