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Counter Yuumi

Counter Yuumi

Yuumi is a champion support with a high performance of usefulness, healing and protection, this content we explain you how to do it against Yuumi, the kitten support.

Doing it against this champion is not very difficult, as long as you follow the general advice that we present below.

Champions counter Yuumi

Weak Against

Counter Blitzcrank Counter Zilean
Counter Galio Counter Sona
Counter Nautilus Counter Leona
Strong Against

Counter Vel'koz Counter Nautilus
Counter Maokai Counter Rakan
Counter Karma Counter Braum

General tips for doing the counter a Yuumi


With Janna you can save the shield to use it in ADC, just as Yuumi goes to beat Q.


With Lulu, you can follow the same strategy as with Janna, you can save the shield and use it to protect Yuumi’s Q ADC.


It can also make a good counter, since, with its trait it can avoid the Q of Yuumi and, moreover, its ulti.


this ADC have a lot of range, you can keep a range far enough to avoid Yuumi’s abilities and moreover, the speed of movement given by Yuumi your ADC will not prevent Caitlyn from hitting your R.

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