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Counter Zac

Counter Zac

In this guide you will be showing how to counter Zac. This champion is very good, since you can jump from very good distance and hit the enemies. Besides being easy to catch, you can also regenerate your life, or revive, thanks to your passive. But here I’ll show you how to end Zac with some advice and recommended champions, to have a better match.

Champions counter Zac

Weak Against

Counter Poppy Counter Gragas
Counter Yorick Counter Fizz
Counter Zilean Counter Vi
Strong Against

Counter Katarina Counter Jax
Counter Soraka Counter Viktor
Counter Malphite Counter Nasus

Tips to play against Zac

The following champions are the most recommended to face Zac.


Vi’s skills are very good against Zac’s skills. The ability Q I Vi you can cancel the ability E of Zac when he tries to attack or escape with this ability. Also Vi’s ultimate helps him with that, that skill. These skills can rip Zac’s passive when he tries to revive.


Poppy’s W ability can stop Zac in the air when he throws his E. Poppy’s W ability stops any champion who tries to rush in when it’s activated. Don’t use the ultimate skill when Zac is on his passive, as if you send him away he can regenerate himself in that place as much as he can.


Zac can’t die near Veigar or try to launch from him. Veigar’s E ability allows a box to stun anyone who collides with his wall. When Zac tries to jump, this box won’t allow him to pass but to maneuver through the air. When Zac dies against Veigar there will be no hope for him to revive, as his skill E can avoid the process. I recommend Veigar not to release his definitive ability when Zac has his passive.


Vayne’s skills and his great damage will make a great counter Zac. Vayne’s skill E can make him counter to Zac’s skill E, since you can cancel Vayne has him around. Also Vayne’s skill Q can dodge Zac’s skill E when he tries to reach from a great distance.


This champion can take Zac or something, Zac’s skill E whenever he wants. The Q or E of Thresh allow you to annoy Zac very easily, as these skills stop or neutralize the touched enemy champions. When Zac tries to jump Thresh, you can also throw your light at the place where Zac falls to give him protection or get your ally out of there.

Items that counter Zac

The following items have to be used, to have a better fight against Zac.

Filo de la Noche

This object avoids the first skill that touches what it has, when it has already been channeled. The skill E Zac may take a while, and during that time it has it can channel this item to avoid this skill.

Banshee fleece

This object allows a shield that immunizes the champion of the first skill that the enemies throw at him. The skill E Zac can stun enemies in the impact area, but thanks to this item it won’t be like this.


This object immunizes the champion you have when it is activated. When this item is activated and does not allow you to cast spells or abilities while in this role. Zac’s supreme ability or your E may give you a bad time, but this item can save you from it.


This object diminishes the healing of enemies when they are hit because they have it. Zac’s passive allows him to regenerate his life, since when he launches a skill or attack he throws a green goo that when he steps on it heals one percent of his life.

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