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Counter Zed

Counter Zed

In this guide you will be showing how to do the counter heroes. This League of Legends Champion is a beast in moments of assassinating a champion at any time. We all know that League of Legends champions have their weak points. That’s why I’ll show you how and which League of Legends champions can finish off this mascracker named Zed.

Champions counter Zed

Weak Against

Counter Tryndamere Counter Vladimir
Counter Kayle Counter Lissandra
Counter Fiora Counter Urgot
Strong Against

Counter Ashe Counter Zoe
Counter Taliyah Counter Miss Fortune
Counter Vel'Koz Counter Nidalee

Tips to face Zed

Zed is a body to body champion who has as his passive “Contempt for the weak”. He is passive, so when Zed’s opponent is through a better life, 50% of it, Zed attacks with basic attack causing a lot of damage to the opponent attacks him.

Zed and his Runes of “Lethalty” and “Damage” is a very good combination for his time of murder. Zed since he is a champion with mobility, he can reach a paper champion easily. I recommend if you are “ADC” to know how to position yourself and use the “Flash” when attacking you.

Now I’ll show you what champions do against Zed


She’s a champion, that’s the one I recommend you go for when it comes to winning Zed. Since Kayle in his slower abilities, heals, increases his attack distance and protects himself with his shield. Kayle versus Zed will be difficult for you, Samurai, as this one won’t let you get carried away with your “Honored Fury” (E) ability. If Zed attacks him with his past, it will be in vain, since Kayle is immune to that damage. Excellent!!!


Lissandra is a very good champion too when it comes to breaking up with Zed. Since she has CC “Ring of Ice” (W), distance attack “Fragment of Ice” (Q) and her range or escape “Ice Path” (E). This champion can finish off Zed in two ways. First, if you want a vigorous fight, she poke Zed aggressively and if Zed tries to finish her off, he uses his past, over her, damaging Zed and healing her life and protecting her from Zed’s past explosion. Second way, if Lissandra has good items to delete Zed so easily.


Be a champion, since you have a passive immunity shield, resist any attempt at pokeo from Zed. Malzahar is another wizard that I recommend against the killer, since he has the same CC “Hellenic Adherence” (R), also his silence “Call of Emptiness” (Q). Zed can’t end this champion, since Malzahar has skills that neutralize Zed.


This blood vampire’s too easy to beat Zed. Since he’s got “Transfusion” (Q) and “Hemoplaga” (R) cures. This vampire also has a defense against Zed as he becomes a blood drool, being immune and causing him damage to his surroundings. This skill “Blood pool” (W) avoids Zed’s past.

Counter Zed champions on the Top Line

Like hacerle counter of a Yasuo con Jax


Irelia has CC in her ability “Balance strike” (E) if Zed attacks first Irelia activate this ability by leaving Zed in CC and thus make it easy to combo. Irelia has a lot of damage and the best of vigor, since it is off tank. Zed cannot escape Irelia’s claws since she has a lot of range and distance damage with her past.


If Zed attacks with his past, he can activate his “Strike Back” (E) and “Grand Master Strength” (R) skills to reduce Zed’s damage. It also has range to finish off Zed with his “Brutal Jump” skill (Q).


This champion, since he has a lot of attacking speed and criticism, makes Zed explode in a fight at once. Tryndamere and his healing and movement skills make Zed an easy prey. Tryndamere is a champion very well against Zed as he has ulti of immortality that lasts several seconds.


This champ, even though he’s a tank, he’s messing with Zed’s damage. Since Singed’s goal is to farmear and get the champions to pursue this one against Zed, it’ll be easy. Zed as the assassin will want to kill Singed, but Singed is not a champion fighter, but to lure his enemies into his baiteo trap.

Items that counter Zed


This item (Object), consists of armor and its passive that when activated you can easily support the past of Zed.

Spine Share

This item (Object) causes one percent of Delirium’s attacks to be returned since Zed is a champion of much damage. This item is composed of armor and life, helping him to be strong against Zed.

Metallon of Iron Solaris

Provides armor shielding for allies 35 plus per level. If Zed went wrong in the match, with this item you won’t have enough damage to kill.

Spells that counter Zed


It helps you withstand the useful Zed easy.


Since Zed requires range this decreases his step and the damage of the o.

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