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Counter Zeri

We are going to tell you how to counter Zeri and which are her main counters, although we already anticipate that they are champions with mobility or with a great damage to be able to burstearla.

Champions counter Zeri

Weak Against

Counter Draven Counter Kalista
Counter Tristana Counter Caitlyn
Counter Lucian Counter Yasuo
Strong Against

Counter Aphelios Counter Samira
Counter Varus Counter Miss Fortune
Counter Ezreal Counter Ashe

Tips to counter Zeri

Zeri is a late game champion, so in the first levels she won’t be able to abuse the opponents too much (unless we get in a straight line without minions, then she can wear us down very easily thanks to her Q). Zeri’s Q is very similar to Ezreal’s, as it is a skillshot that doesn’t go through minions (if she doesn’t activate her E), and this ability will be her source of damage, so being covered behind the minions will be a great option.

The E is a small dash to wherever she wants, so if she uses it she will be exposed and will only have her flash as an escape route. We recommend that you have CC on the bot line to make it a much more comfortable line regardless of the champion you choose.

Zeri’s W is very similar to Jinx’s Zap, so it is quite visible and again it will be a straight line that stops minions. Finally, her ultimate is the ulti of Blitzcrank but without silencing, it will give you advantages such as movement speed and her Q can be launched through minions, you have to be very careful if you go equal or she is ahead because she can do great damage in a few seconds, let’s talk about how to play each counter of Zeri.


This is probably Zeri’s best counter, since you have a very high damage in the first levels and that can easily turn the line. With your W boost you can reach him quickly since he doesn’t have a big range with his Q, and with your E you can apply CC and add a couple of auto attacks that can even finish her off, since Draven can kill opponents very easily with the high damage he has.

We just have to be careful because if we throw the W to go against her and we don’t have minions of our team, probably all her Qs will hit us and we can end up dying if we don’t have a wave in our favor.


Kalista is a difficult champion to handle, but if you know how to control it, it will be very easy to play against Zeri, since with our mobility this champion will not be able to do practically anything to us. We can easily dodge her Q with our jumps and it will be quite easy to poke her. In addition Kalista being a strong champion in early game will be quite easy to dominate the line.


Another quite aggressive champion to play in the bot line, with Tristana we will have to throw ourselves (preferably as we go up to level 2) because we can leave her with very little life or even kill her without the possibility of her finishing us off. It is important that our support helps us because if not we will end up dead and it will be quite difficult to turn the line starting so bad in early game. If we have a partner to help us you will have an assured line against Zeri.


If we want something more passive and to keep the range, Caitlyn is the best champion to play against Zeri, as we will keep the range very comfortably (we have much more than her) and we can poke her from the first minute of the game without her being able to do much. You will only have to play behind the minions and give auto attacks to Zeri to wear her down every time she tries to farm.

If she tries to throw us forward we will have to use the E and our traps, once she starts to retreat we will also be able to damage her thanks to our great range.


Finally, another early champion, in this case Lucian. We also have mobility with our E, and a very very good burst damage to easily finish Zeri. It is important to dominate the line from level 2-3 to win the game before Zeri ends up being a hyper carry.

It is important to use these champions early, make good use of them, and take advantage of them, because if you do not take any advantage it will be useless to have Zeri’s counters.

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