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Counter Ziggs

Counter Ziggs

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Ziggs. This champion is a big problem, since he has a great passive and skills that help a lot. Ziggs’s passive drops a bomb as the basic attack with additional magic damage, if Ziggs drops this passive skill can be used again. But here I will show you how to win Ziggs, giving you some tips and recommending about champions to face him.

Champions counter Ziggs

Weak Against

Counter Master Yi Counter LeBlanc
Counter Talon Counter Kassadin
Counter Xerath Counter Yasuo
Strong Against

Counter Annie Counter Azir
Counter Viktor Counter Ryze
Counter Karthus Counter Heimerdinger

Tips to face Ziggs

The following champions are the most recommended against Ziggs.

Maestro Yi

This champion not only has a great attack damage, but he can also handle or dodge Ziggs skills very easily. Master Yi’s Q or E skills can make sure that Ziggs doesn’t destroy him with his ultimate. Yi’s Q can make you immune from Ziggs’ ultimate attack, if it’s released at the right time. Also, W Yi’s skill can resist ultimate or other of this skill, as it heals you and reduces the damage you receive.


This champion is also very good against Ziggs as he can be cured and remain immune for a moment with his skill W. When Ziggs pokea Vladimir, he can recover with his skill Q. Vladimir’s Q ability heals him, but when Vladimir’s resources are at their maximum, he can heal much more. I also recommend you to use Vladimir’s skill W to avoid skills that can asesinarte, like Ziggs’ ultimate.


This champion can help his allies and return quickly to where Ziggs, since his ability E allows him to fly walls. Also, that you can leave your line and return quickly, this also has a great damage against champions roles like Ziggs. I recommend to assassinate Ziggs quickly and help his family, without Ziggs overthrowing the tower.


This is the most recommended ADC against Ziggs, as it has ultimate motion speed and long distance damage. Also you can’t get the E de Sivir skill, since it can handle any skill that throws Ziggs. I recommend that you wait for Ziggs to go to drill a skill so you can tolerate it with E, much better, if it’s Ziggs’ ultimate.


This champion takes much advantage of Ziggs, as he can stun or neutralise him without much trouble. Besides being able to neutralize Ziggs, he can also save or save his allies from Ziggs ultimate. Bardo’s supreme skill allows him to be immune for a moment to anything that touches his area.

Items that counter Ziggs

The following items have to be used against Ziggs.


This object immunizes the champion you have when it is activated. This is the most recommended object against Ziggs, as it can avoid big damage it wants to cause. Zhonyas can be used in any death attempt against Ziggs or avoid ultimate damage.

Veil of the Death Fairy

This item and makes the first skill that the one you have do not damage, neutralize or stun. This item can save you from the Ziggs combo or to take advantage against your combo. If you see that Ziggs gets you from a skill, take advantage of this cooling moment to combine it.

Night Ridge

This item provides a shield to what you have when you are channelled. When this item is channeled it provides a shield that can withstand the first skill that touches what you have. It is recommended for AD or ADC killers.

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