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Counter Zilean

Counter Zilean

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Zilean. Zilean’s passive is very good too, as it can increase the experience of an allied champion and his turn. Also your ultimate can be of great help, since you can revive your allies. But here I recommend some champions and some advice to deal with him.

Champions counter Zilean

Weak Against

Counter Karma Counter Janna
Counter Ashe Counter Morgana
Counter Jinx Counter Annie
Strong Against

Counter Zed Counter Braum
Counter Zac Counter Syndra
Counter Darius Counter Katarina

Consejos para enfrentarse un Zilean

The following champions are the most recommended to put an end to Zilean.

Cho Gath

This champion I recommend against Zilean. Cho’Gath’s W ability can silence Zilean to prevent him from becoming R. Also, this W ability can neutralize Zilean from any attempt to escape with his, as he increases the speed of movement of an ally or himself.


Gangplank and their barrels do a lot of damage, and it’s easier when the enemy is standing still or going to revive. Also the W skill of Gangplank allows you to get out of any weakness, as is Zilean’s Q double.


Morgana’s supreme ability can stun nearby enemies, causing Zilean not to launch the R in time. Also Morgana’s E ability, which allows her to launch a shield that absorbs any damage that touches her, like Zilean’s double Q which can stun.


This is the ADC champion I highly recommend against Zilean. Ashe’s supreme skill allows her to shoot a huge arrow, which neutralizes and stuns the touched enemies. This skill can prevent Zilean from throwing his supreme skill.


This is the support I most recommend against Zilean, since his R is a silence that can prevent Zilean from using his ulti. If Zilean is arrested by Blitzcrank, he will not be able to release his ultimate fast, since this champion can prevent access to skills. Also, if Zilean revives an ally or him, Blitzcrank can annoy him again.

Items that counter Zilean

The following items have to be used against Zilean, to maintain a better confrontation.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object out of any weakness you find what you have when it is activated. Zilean’s Q, W and Q abilities can stun and do double the damage, but having this item can get rid of the stun.


This object can immunize the champion you have when it is activated. Zilean’s Q, W and Q abilities can cause a lot of damage, but having this item can be inoculated, to avoid Zilean’s 2 time bombs.

of Malmortius’ fauces

This object grants a magical resistance shield, which can withstand 300+1 of magical damage, when what stops it reaches -30% of life. Zilean’s double time bomb, can cause a lot of damage, but thanks to this object it will resist.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

This object grants neutralization of enemies, touched by a skill. Zilean’s skill E greatly increases its movement speed, but with this object and a good skill you can decrease it.

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