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Counter Zyra

Counter Zyra

In this guide you will be showing how to counter her Zyra. This champion is very uncomfortable, since her skills help to poke a lot your enemies. Zyra’s passive can maintain a confrontation and further damage the enemies. This passive makes the seeds grow and if they are touched by a skill of hers, it can grow a plant that causes damage with reduced damage. But here I’ll show you how to counter her Zyra by recommending some champions and giving her some advice.

Champions counter Zyra

Weak Against

Counter Fizz Counter Nami
Counter Akali Counter Diana
Counter Talon Counter Veigar
Strong Against

Counter Morgana Counter Alistar
Counter Braum Counter Ryze
Counter Janna Counter Thresh

Tips to face Zyra

The following champions are the most recommended, to maintain a match against Zyra.

Master Yi

This champion is the jungle I recommend the most against Zyra, as he has great damage and very good skills against it. Master Yi’s Q ability can damage everyone in his area, causing Zyra’s plants to die. Also, this Q skill can help you to avoid Zyra’s supreme ability.


The combination of Garen Q’s abilities and, can destroy everything in their reach, thus allowing the plants of Zyra to fall. Also, Garen’s W ability, allows him to increase his armour and magical resistance, allowing him to resist her damage.


Fizz’s skill E can avoid any skill that throws Zyra, as he can swing while remaining immune. Also this skill E of Fizz, allows him to harm in the area, making with this the death of the plants of Zyra.


This is the ADC I most recommend against Zyra, as their ability helps to keep a very easy match against her. Xayah’s supreme ability makes her immune to airborne for a moment and sends feathers to her fall. This ultimate Xayah can avoid Zyra’s ultimate or any other skill, and at the same time counter attack.


This is the support I most recommend against Zyra, as this champion can give you good protection for your computer. When Zyra releases her ultimate enemies, to damage them and throw them into the air, her allies take advantage of this. But with Nami’s ultimate skill he couldn’t do much, as this skill has a CC in area that reduces the speed of enemies.

Items that counter Zyra

The following items, which should be used against Zyra to maintain a better confrontation.

Fajin de Mercurio

This object is out of any weakness in what it has when it is activated. Zyra’s E and R ability can catch your enemies, but having this object won’t be so serious, since you’ll come out of it too easy.


This object immunizes the champion it possesses when it is activated. Zyra’s abilities and his passive causes a lot of damage, as does his ultimate which is a large root zone. This item can immunize your champion to avoid Zyra’s ultimate skill or some other skill.

Fauces of Malmortius

This object absorbs 300+1 of magical damage, when what it has reaches -30% of life. Zyra’s abilities can cause a lot of damage, but having this item this damage will fall if it reaches the death limit.

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